Regulatory Guidelines

The following are guidelines to assist you in completing regulatory formalities for your domestic shipments within MAHARASHTRA. The data is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, VICHARE will not be responsible for any omissions or changes in procedures at the time of booking.

General Requirements

Any commercial shipment picked up for transit on our Ground / Air network should have:

  • Three copies of invoice.
  • TIN / CST no. of shipper & consignee in case of commercial transaction is mandatory in all states.
  • Shipper is under obligation to mention valid TIN / CST no of self and consignee on the commercial invoice and regulatory paperwork at the time of handing over the shipment to VICHARE
  • Shipments consigned to individuals who do not have TIN no, a declaration from consignee / shipper that the goods are not for sale and for personal consumption apart from other conditions as laid down in respective State's VAT Regulations.
  • E-waybill generation has been implemented in most of the states. Consignee/ shipper is expected to comply registration process and follow online process for e-waybill generation
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