Value Added Services

Premium Plus


Before 1 pm
Before 3 pm

Assured next business day delivery before 01.00 pm / 03.00 pm. If consignment demand delivery on urgent time base then avail this services with competitive rate. This product designed especially for time-sensitive consignment.

Premium Plus


Between 11 am to 6 pm
Between 6 pm to 9 pm

Assured next business day delivery at specific time. The Consignor can specify the convenient time of delivery between 10 am to 06.00 pm, when the Consignee is present to accept the consignment. For working individual who are available late in the evening, delivery is assured between 06.00 pm to 09.00 pm. This service ensure definite delivery of consignment to Consignee at suitable time.

Premium Plus


Between 10 am To 6 pm

Assured next business day delivery between 10.00 am to 06.00 pm. This service has been infused for critical time sensitive consignment, which demand definite delivery on next business day.

Next Business Day Delivery means any consignment picked up on day one will be delivered on day two barring unforeseen circumstances (including force majeure) and provided the day of delivery does not fall on a Sunday, Public holiday or any Local holiday at the destination city.

Cash On Delivery

VICHARE EXPRESS E-Connect: End-To-End Solutions For All Your ETailing Needs

We understand that CASH ON DELIVERY (Collect on Delivery) is the "Need of the hour" for E-Retail companies and we are here to make your life simpler by offering you faster remittance solutions so that you can focus on what you do best- Faster Sales!

Service Description

Under this service the Shipper can request VICHARE EXPRESS to collect the ‘Invoice Value of the Goods’ against delivery of the consignment to the Recipient by Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft / Pay Order in favour of the Shipper, which is returned to the Shipper within 15 working days for Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft / Pay Order. Shipment will be delivered only on receipt of the payment instrument from the Recipient to complete the transaction.

Our cost effective service and decades of experience has helped in enhancing the logistics experience of our valued clients. We ensure that the quality of the goods is maintained in transit process till it reaches the specified destination as the payment is not done upfront. We always set high standards in maintaining the product or service quality.

Why Vichare Express?

  • Quick Remittance- Cash On Delivery collected transferred, remit back within 15 working days into affiliate clients corporate bank account.
  • Periodical remittance of client's collected Cheque / Demand Draft / Pay order into their respective corporate COD collected by trained individuals with safe and assured collection.
  • Delivery done within 2-4 working days of receiving the package.
  • We will make a maximum of 2 attempts to deliver the item to the buyer without surcharge and will ensure somebody is available at the shipping address and instruct buyer to keep the cash ready in Indian Rupees to pay the company at the time of delivery.
  • If after 2 attempts also the parcel is not received by the buyer, it will be RTOed to the seller / shipper with charges.
  • Easier and faster transactional model with information transparency at every step.
  • Quality manpower & trust factor.
  • We deliver with your t-shirt and cap, and announce “your company” name.
  • We provide you the spoke, and deliver to the customers. ( Last Mile Delivery ).


  • C.O.D. shipments will be booked only for customers who have a valid shipper account.
  • This service would incur an additional charge.
  • Collect On Delivery Service is offered to select destinations only.
  • Cash option on the C.O.D. shipments can be availed by customers on signing the registration form with VICHARE EXPRESS.So whether you have a Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) or Customer to Customer (C2C) requirement, your quest for the perfect logistics partner ends here. Our services ensure that your customer keeps coming back to you. If you need to know how we can serve you with such CASH ON DELIVERY (Collect on Delivery ) service, contact us today for more information OR send email on with your requirements.

Customised Service


Presenting Futuristic Digitalize e-COUPONS Flexibility In Usage.

Our customer’s long standing request (Needs) was, that we should `Collect The Documents on their behalf, 'Without Charging' their customers or well wishers. Innovative VICHARE has embarked on implementing the above unique scheme, which will enable to increase our customer business base and satisfy their needs.

eCOUPON is a digital, paperless, prepaid, only of its kind service offered by VICHARE. The secret ecode number is delivered to the smart phone or registered email of the customer, enabling to avail courier service. The eCOUPONs are available in multiple value to suit the customer needs. The eCOUPONs ecode can be purchased across the booking counter at any of our Service Centre, by cash or cheque payment or by VICHARE online payment gateway facility. The eCOUPON ecode will be activated immediately for cash payment and in case of Cheque payment subject to realization of the Cheque.

It is mandatory for the Service Seeker to sign the agreement at the time of purchasing the eCOUPONs ecode. The buyer must provide his KYC documents i.e. Aadhar Card & PAN Card etc., while purchasing eCOUPONs and must provide his mobile number and email.

On purchase of eCOUPONs ecode VICHARE will send the secret auto generated, unique, numeric ecode on the Service Seeker registered mobile phone or email. The Service Seeker has an option to forward the secret ecode to any of his client, associates or well-wisher to avail courier service against the given ecode number. The eCOUPONs ecode do not have any fixed value. The Service Seeker can utilize the eCOUPONs ecode for availing various type of service, irrespective of its value as mentioned in the given rate chart. Unlike the regular monthly contract the eCOUPON service does not have any monthly commitment.

The Service seeker or The User can book the document for delivery across the counter at any of VICHARE Service Center. It can be exchanged for availing our courier service within the serviceable area and any type of product by anyone who hold eCOUPON ecode. Pickup service is available from the customer premises subject to availability of pickup boy at the Service Center. Whenever the eCOUPON service is availed the Service Seeker gets an SMS Alert on his smart phone indicating the amount used for availing the service. When eCOUPON users book the documents, the value of services will be automatically debited from buyers credit account. The Buyer if desires can opt for capping amount to avoid booking of excess amount per eCOUPON ecode. Customer will get login id where he can access his account and will get information about used eCOUPON ecode detail, Balance amount etc.

eCOUPON ecode don't have any value it is only authenticates the user for booking. In case the smart phone is lost or misplaced and the eCOUPONs ecode allotted to customer is not available, VICHARE will issue new ecode for unused eCOUPONs ecode on written request against proper verification.

eCOUPON ecodes are valid only if there is sufficient credit balance in buyers account. The ecodes can be used for fresh eCOUPON purchased within validity period. In case the eCOUPON ecode are not fully used and some amount is balance, that amount will be carried forward in the current purchase amount and the Service Seeker can use credited balance eCOUPON ecode with revised validity period, only if The Service Seeker purchase new eCOUPON ecodes during the validity period.

It is designed for multiple benefits. One for direct use and the other to avoid unnecessary delays for getting important documents from your customer at economical rates, It will solve the TOPAY requirement of the customers. Easy way out is to use our eCOUPONs. For survey, feedback, reports, LIC premium Cheques, etc. in time. It can be gifted to your near and dear ones. Your transaction time is saved considerably. Multiple users can enjoy the benefits from a eCOUPON. Your family and friends can send documents using your eCOUPON ecode. Extend the benefits to your near & dear ones by sharing & pooling your eCOUPONs ecode. Worry free booking with freedom from loss of physical eCOUPONs.

So, Why Are You Waiting Now... TRY OUR NEW PRODUCT


Minimum Chargeable Weight For 4 Kg

Delivery between 10 am to 6 pm

Safe and timely logistic solutions for heavy weighted consignment at competitive rates. Maximum weight limit upto 30 kg per parcel is accepted for delivery within our extensive network. The online tracking enable the Consignor to monitor the delivery status at any given time.


Delivery between 10 am To 6 pm


Collect Within 5 Business Days After Showing Photo ID

It's a point to point cost effective service saves more than 50% on courier charges. Regardless of the consignee destination address, or the remote area consigment, the consignor can select Our Nearest Service Center convenient for the consignee. The confidential SMS Code ensures secured collection by the consignee.


Delivery between 10 am To 6 pm

Special discounted rate for Charitable Trust, Social Organization, Clubs & NGO, for the outstanding social service rendered to the needy, the community and those working for the welfare of the society.


Delivery between 10 am To 6 pm

The monthly contract ensure daily pick-up service from the customer premises irrespective of the number of consignments. It offer special discounted rates depending on the monthly commitment of the number of consignment and can also avail special discounted rate for value added services. The contract has the choice of availing services for we ighted parcel. The contract customer will be offered the separate Login ID to track the consignment on website and also enable to view a complete record of the consignments for the period of last 62 days from the date of dispatch.

Two Business Day Delivery means any consignment picked up on day one will be delivered on day two / three barring unforeseen circumstances (including force majeure) and provided the day of delivery does not fall on a Sunday, Public holiday or any Local holiday at the destination city.
For bulk order logistics will be customised on a case by case basis based on the clients needs.

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