Staff Welfare

Vichare Express & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. KARMACHARI SAHAKARI PATSANSTHA (Maryadit) was formed in the year 2001, to take care and provide financial assistance for meeting employees medical, education & household requirements. They are made to understand the necessity of saving for a "RAINY DAY".

We are PIONEERS in providing such facility to the employees, in the courier industry, the Patsanstha (Credit Co-op. Society) is directed by the Management, who has effective control over the day to day functioning.

Credit Co - Op. Society - PROGRESS REPORT
Particular Membership Paid-up Share Capital Sanchit Deposit Investment Loans Net Profit Audit Classification
2014-2015 2155 26,83,500 2,96,66,625 1,36,88,054 3,01,08,568 14,10,187 A
2015-2016 2130 26,56,000 3,65,32,072 86,97,170 4,23,39,583 15,60,740 A
2016-2017 1352 25,16,000 4,32,80,093 110,27,609 4,18,31,118 15,79,344 A
2017-2018 1219 23,09,500 4,89,34,388 109,15,275 4,34,91,786 8,52,409 B
2018-2019 1042 20,94,500 5,42,17,012 23,527,537 4,08,61,671 6,36,947.04 B

VICHARE believe imparting education is a continuous process needed to keep pace with changing times. Some of our employees may not be familiar with the advance banking facilities and its advantages.

VICHARE in conjunction with Corporation Bank achieved this by arranging "DEBIT CARD" resulting in SAVING awareness and need based withdrawals.

On every memorable “SPECIAL DAY” in the lives of our staff we do share their special moments by ensuring that our wishes reaches to them by way of special greetings through VICHARE.

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